Business Consulting Services
We offer a full range of business consulting services, including:
  • Management Consulting
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Business Planning
  • Financing Proposals
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Insurance Claim Services
  • Computer Services
  • Owner Manager Services
If you were asked what a Certified General Accountant does, would you be able to identify the management services we provide? Many people believe that accountants only prepare tax returns and financial statements; however, our financial expertise and business experience also qualifies us to provide many other related services. Here is a sampling:

Financial Control Review

Every business must have adequate safeguards against loss, including control over access to cash and other assets. Even trusted employees can be tempted to steal from their employer given the opportunity. We can help you design a system that minimizes such opportunities.

Errors made in the accounting system can also be costly. We can help by designing systems that should detect errors in time to correct them, before they become costly.

Personnel Issues

Need to hire accounting staff? We can assist in the advertising and interview process; we can help verify that your candidates have the skill set you need.

Management Reporting

Small businesses often do not have the resources in-house to produce meaningful management reports each month. Those that do have this capability often need assistance in interpreting the reports and in determining whether any management response to financial results is necessary to ensure a profitable operation. We assist many businesses each month or quarter by producing and/or analyzing financial reports.


Are you spending too much on bookkeeping and getting too little benefit from it? Let us review your accounting system and recommend improvements that would make your operation more efficient and effective.

Staff Relief

Are your accounting records maintained adequately during vacations or other extended absences? We can provide expert temporary accounting and bookkeeping staff to fill those gaps.

Staff Training

Do your accounting or bookkeeping staff require upgrading of their skills? We can recommend appropriate training courses, and can provide one-on-one training for specific needs.

Business Plans

Every new business or major expansion should be supported by a business plan to help assure the success of the venture. Our financial expertise can prove invaluable when preparing a business plan. We are available to provide guidance if you wish to prepare the plan yourself, or we can prepare the plan with input from you.

Computer Services

Everyone knows that today's accountant relies heavily on the computer. Computers have expanded our ability to provide timely advice and analysis that would otherwise be very time consuming and expensive.

It is unusual for a business to operate today without a computer. With computer usage, however, comes a new set of problems. Who do you turn to when you have a problem?

At TBJ, we have made computer expertise a priority for all our staff. We have found that our use of technology has provided us with skills that are in great demand. Many of our clients come to us for computer solutions. Here are some examples of the services we provide: Assistance in the selection of computer hardware and software. Training in the use of the computers, particularly for accounting software. Installation of software and updates. On-site or telephone assistance to solve immediate problems with a computer process. Design of computer procedures, including backup procedures to safeguard critical data.

We take pride in the value of the services we provide to our business clients. We believe that successful businesses require sound financial planning. Whether you require financial statements for financing purposes or for income tax purposes, or bookkeeping services, we endeavor to add value to those services by providing advice on financial planning issues. Here are some examples of issues where we can provide assistance or advice:

Cash Flow Planning

Most businesses that fail within the first 5 years have not adequately planned and provided for their cash flow needs. During a growth phase, even with a good profit margin, a business can have immense cash needs. Those needs must be anticipated and provided for; our professional guidance can make the difference between success and failure.

Succession Planning

There are many financial and tax issues to consider when planning a generational transfer of a business, or when selling a business. Consulting with us years before the transfer is anticipated is advisable to avoid unnecessary taxes and other costs.

Insurance Planning

Every business should carefully consider their insurance needs. Since we do not sell insurance, we can provide independent advice regarding the various insurance products available, including liability insurance, property and equipment insurance, life and disability insurance, employee benefit plans, etc. We can also help you design your insurance in the most tax-effective manner.
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